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What have you trained your hiring managers to value? 

When managers work with human resources departments to post job ads, how much guidance are they given about the next step — the applicant’s interview? Recruitment and applicant interview techniques should be part of new manager training, and maybe it usually is, but as a person who has been on the receiving end of the process, Margery Weinstein thinks it often seems like the hiring manager is flying blind.

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9 ways to turn your desk into the ideal workspace 

"Your workstation should fit you like a tailored shirt," says University of California ergonomist David Rempel. “If I come to your workstation and you're six inches taller than me, it shouldn’t fit me." If your workstation doesn't fit you, you’re in trouble. Typing speed goes down with discomfort, and error rates go up. If you ignore that tension in your shoulders, neck, or wrist, it can turn into injury — like carpal tunnel syndrome, where a pinched nerve in your wrist causes tingling, pain and numbness. But if your workstation does fit you, then your performance will go up

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Dick Kendall, PPMA Executive Director recently conducted training at FutureMark Manistique for 30 members of their management team. Dick developed the one-day training session around the theme “212°…the Importance of the Extra Degree.” Topics covered included: developing leadership skills to deal with change, the dynamics of change, communicating effectively, and effective team interactions. Dick has conducted training at several PPMA member companies over the past several years.

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