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PPMA Annual Salary Survey

Participate in this year's salary survey! For more than 15 years the PPMA has conducted a survey of exempt positions commonly found in pulp and paper companies in our membership.  In 2011, PPMA surveyed 29 such positions. The survey results are provided to survey participants by the middle of September in time for developing salary projections and budget justification for the following year. If you are interested in participating, please let us know!


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Slow-paced salary increases prompt employers to push better benefits 

Employees across the country can expect to see an average increase of 3 percent in base salaries in the coming year, and some experts are advising employers to remember that if budgets are tight, there are other means to keep employees happy.

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7 surprising ways procrastination can boost productivity 

Forget what your grandmother and first grade teacher and university professors told you — procrastination isn't all that terrible. In fact, your stall tactics and inability to function until right before the deadline just might have some surprising benefits.

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Dick Kendall, PPMA Executive Director recently conducted training at FutureMark Manistique for 30 members of their management team. Dick developed the one-day training session around the theme “212°…the Importance of the Extra Degree.” Topics covered included: developing leadership skills to deal with change, the dynamics of change, communicating effectively, and effective team interactions. Dick has conducted training at several PPMA member companies over the past several years.

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