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The 2014 Salary Survey is ready for purchase!  We have limited supply so if you are interested please contact Dick Kendall, PPMA Executive Director dkendall@ppmausa.com 


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Why business is finally talking about mental health at the top

Issues surrounding mental health affect people from all walks of life, including high-level corporate executives. In recent years, some top execs have opened up about their challenges related to mental well-being — with a candor that could have widespread effects. High profile cases have highlighted the need for companies to be prepared to deal with any health issues, including mental, among executives, while keeping in mind both the protection of the business and of executives' privacy

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Flu in the workplace: About $7 billion in lost productivity 

With the country's attention focused on the Ebola virus, many American's may overlook the fact that we are entering flu season. And, while it is impossible to predict how this flu season will compare to previous years, one thing is certain: employers nationwide are likely to see millions of lost work days and billions of dollars in lost productivity. 


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Dick Kendall, PPMA Executive Director recently conducted training at FutureMark Manistique for 30 members of their management team. Dick developed the one-day training session around the theme “212°…the Importance of the Extra Degree.” Topics covered included: developing leadership skills to deal with change, the dynamics of change, communicating effectively, and effective team interactions. Dick has conducted training at several PPMA member companies over the past several years.

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